Monday, March 07, 2011

giving till it is Questioned

What happens when  I wait for things to happen, not much.  Nothing really happens.  But when I take what has been given me and run with it, things happen.  And this not of my doing, so that I would boast about it.  It is all given to me from God, and yet I squander much of what is going for me. 

Christ is just too important to be taken advantage of.  I don't simply want His grace alone, I want to be able to run with that grace that has been given, with the peace that passes all understanding. 

This is true witnessing of Christ, that what has been restored restores others.  That what has been given is shared.  Then, and only then, is someone curious as to where I got this grace from. 


Anonymous said...

Love this post dave. Although I have read it like 6 times now. Time for something new my man. Thanks for being the one who makes it easier to walk with the lord for me.

David Mieksztyn said...

so, it is a year later anonymous, and what a year it has been. but, up went a new post!