Sunday, February 13, 2011

open for Business

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a rundown, inner-city store.  It is open all the time yet not many enter in.  The paint peeling away on the one side of the building, the dilapidated awning, and only a couple parking spots in the front on the street deter many passing by from checking it out.  On the inside, it is part café, part coffee shop, part book store. 

Much time is spent there for those who do enter into the store.  Many relationships are deepened with conversation that goes late into the night and people come to realize who they are more and more.  Causes are taken up to paint the plumber’s store across the street, to clean up someone’s mother’s yard, to take in the drug addict on the street.  And all the more, these people come to realize who they are.

But people keep passing by.  People who attend churches painted well, with covered doorways, and a sea of parking available.  And no relationships are developed.

But in the rundown, inner-city store that sells, well, no one really knows, there is a store Owner that people can’t stop talking about.  And the store has still never closed. 

The story above is a concept of how God is always available, yet many seem to not want to engage Him.  It may have to do with how the Kingdom of Heaven works among us, and not how we want it to work.  How we won't go where Truth goes, instead pleading with Truth to come to us.

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