Friday, December 31, 2010

v 2.3

New header, new colors, revamped blog, again. 

Detroit skyline of a picture I took when I was up on a building listening to a lecture about how to reinvent Detroit's urban landscape with art, or the artscape if you will. 

I hope to speak of restoration that happens in places we do not expect.  As Detroit begins to turn corners, it is possible to witness even our lives turn corners, to claim victory with means beyond the walls we live in.  The Kingdom of Christ beckons to restore the worst of things, to set free the imprisoned.

Here is a part from the Thrice song "The Earth Will Shake" that inspired my subtitle for the blog:

Heartbroken, we found a gleam of hope
Harken to the sound, a whistle blows
Heaven sent reply, however small
Evidence of life beyond these walls
Born and bred in this machine
Wardens dread to see us dream
We hold tight to legends of
Real life, the way it was before 

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