Thursday, November 11, 2010


This may be a post where I am part convincing myself, part convincing the reader.  Maybe I should not look at it like that at all, and just spell this out.

God.  It does all come down to relationship.  I was talking with a friend of mine a week ago about what makes a Christian Christian.  What separates the greatest humanitarian atheist from a meek, non-confrontational, addict-overcoming Christian is echoed in this statement: "I don't know you."  This is found in some parables explaining how God will look at some people who will cry out for Him.  But how can the God who created not know His creation?  I would venture to say the same way a wife may turn to a husband at some point in the marriage and say, "I don't even know anymore."

Either asleep at the wheel follower or atheist, both are missing the relationship with Jesus.  I find this term something of a given since it has been injected into my head over and over growing up in the church, but I don't think it can be taken as a 'nice way of putting things.'  I nearly dismissed it entirely the more I tried to find out the logical steps of being a Christian.  Just knowing that it was a relationship kept, well, the relationship, rather wide open.  You can have a strong relationship where you cry, laugh, fight, love with another, and you can perhaps have a relationship to a certain degree with the owner of the sub shop down the street.

What I think has been happening to me is that I have been having a sub shop guy relationship with God, in the interaction level, while reading up on all the intricacies about Him.  Frankly, I don't think I am any good at relationships in a deep sense, and so it looks like I am at a disadvantage with Christ.  How am I suppose to deeply open up to Him, cry with Him, fight with Him, Love with Him if I stumble with my human relationships?

Instead of following God like it is a formula, that I have to feed the poor and turn the other cheek, abstain from hateful thoughts and sexual immorality, you know, the checklist syndrome, it is all about relationship.

The profoundness of standing up one day and shouting to God your hate towards Him is only part of the process of being healed by Him, because in your address to Him you acknowledge Him, not unlike the greats of the old testament.  It is that interaction He seeks, and wants to work with us so desperately.  Our greatest accomplishments can never be the things we do but Who we know.  Of course what follows is nothing short of becoming a champion of humanity, helping the poor, dealing with personal faults like sexual immorality, jealousy, greed.

What makes a Christian a Christian is simply the hardest thing to do, to humble our small egos enough to become friends with the One who made us and saved us.  The rest will follow.  Pursue relationship that is capable of telling God He is wrong (like Abraham in Genesis 18:16-33).  That is a relationship that is worth pursuing.


Aspiring Muse said...

I was browesing through people who like the band Underoath, and found your blog. I love this post. I agree that a relationship with God is far more important than just going through the motions. Many people just set up rules to follow and that way they can appease God or something to that effect. It turns out that they become robotic, and no longer do they follow Christ because they love him, but to check their list of 'not to do's' off.

joshua said...

i like the way you think mr mieksztyn.....