Monday, November 23, 2009

Father's home is Coming.

My thoughts are so scattered right now that there is no reason at all for writing a blog. Not at least if it is the case that people are going to be reading it. I'm currently sitting in a caribou coffee in Royal Oak, the anti-Detroit. You know how we have the capability of moving whole buildings from one place to another? Soon, I hope, we can have the technology to move Royal Oak to Downtown Detroit, somewhere closer to it at least.

I have recently been thinking a lot about the parable of the prodigal son (or the forgiving Father). This has to be one of the most hopeful parables of Jesus. In spite of what the son did, even at the beginning basically considering his Father dead by asking for his portion of the inheritance, the Father had a deep Love still for this son.

When I think about when I came to God, I don't remember squandering what my Father gave me. I remember being a young kid who wanted to go to heaven. Nothing really wrong with that, except maybe I was not taught that I should have been looking for heaven to come to me, as the kingdom of heaven is among us. This at least makes sense when considering the parables just before the prodigal son, the ones about the lost sheep and the lost coin. The Owner was already looking for them. The point is I was limiting myself by not thinking a whole city could come floating in amongst my life and settle down where I am. I did not think the technology was available.

The son returned to his Father's place, but I wonder if it was ever far from the son. The son went to a distant country in terms of physical distance but his Father's place came close when he realized what he was missing. He went back there because he felt what was there, he knew what it was like there.

I am eternally grateful that the Father is so willing to forgive and that He wants to make His home with me. The Holy Spirit reminds me of how great a place the kingdom of heaven is and comforts me with this. Just before I entered into the kingdom of heaven, it was running at me when it saw me.

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