Wednesday, October 07, 2009

failing Breath

But I refuse to breathe the breath of the failure!!!!

- The Chariot, 'Teach'
That line has been with me for a while now. Ever since hearing it, the power coming from the lead singer's screaming lungs has upped the ante. Interpretations of this line could be numerous, that is the beauty of music and art. But here is my interpretation. He is shouting out that he refuses to breathe in the destruction of the Great Failure, aka Satan.

I had been hearing a lot recently about the Breath of God. A couple sermons, a dialogue with a friend, and then this. There is something about breathing. God breathed life into us, in fact breath and spirit are the same in the Greek translations of the bible. Our spirit is the breath of God in us, and the Holy Spirit is His Breath. The word spirit won out more or less in the English translations cause it sounds better, I mean think of the concept when Jesus breaths his "Breath" upon the disciples. Kinda awkward sounding.

With this in mind, the Failure has a breath as well. But how strong do I tend to think of Satan's breathing power? Do I even use the imagery of him as the Failure? The lyrics are providing another angle to look at the same situation that has been said by many in many ways. I love it when artists do this because it is another angle to say the same thing, not to confuse the same words to have people look at something else, to take us away from the Truth. No, instead I am looking at the Truth from a way that helped stir me into thinking afresh. Satan (The Failure from now on) and his ways are those of a failing way.

But do I refuse them? Do I look at it that strongly?

(Note: originally penned on 8/30/09, adapted slightly since then)

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