Friday, May 22, 2009

switching it Up!

I need to change up the style of these entries. Realizing that I write every now and then, and more so discussing massive theological breakdowns that need to be chapters, if not books on their own, I want to shorten up my writing and write about a lot more. Everyday life may enter in, massive theological breakdowns still may have a place, but I am certain that American Idol will not appear here. Like in the last sentence.

Besides, my blogging sort of started with everyday observations. Writing down, or at least keeping mental notes of significant events in life would keep me fresh and aware of what God was doing in my life. I have written a lot about how the mundane or day in day out activities are not wasted gaps in our lives in between the giant choir concert or the overseas mission trip. Every moment has something to do with Jesus, and He just wants us to acknowledge that plain truth with His Spirit. When I skip over this is when life will truly become mundane, tedious.

So, more events, more observations, because only some of us can be amateur theologians, the rest of us must be the results, the fruits of a good theology, the works of a beautiful Savior.

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