Thursday, January 01, 2009

invisible dose not equal Imaginary

Recently I have been stunned by a lot of things going on in my life, and the lives of others around me. What is going on in my life is the awakening that I better stop speaking so much about myself and more about Jesus. He needs to be the reason behind everything I go after, everything that I participate in, in short, everything. Period. Where I am finding that He is absent is in my present situational vocabulary. Out of the abundance of the heart come my words. And attributing events to Jesus just does not come out often. What I am getting at is there is a failure to verbalize the greatest person in my life, which in fairness He's no easy person to verbalize!

I am not looking for empty sayings to stuff into my conversations. It should be a natural overflow of the heart, that I am not simply talking about Jesus to talk about Him, but because He is really right there in all situations.

Seriously, however, the words that come from my mouth, that are absent, should be the last step in the process of a renewed heart. I should be verbalizing Jesus genuinely because of how I'm changed from within. Hanging out with some brothers in Christ recently, I have found that although they apply Jesus to a lot of situations, it is not unnecessarily at all, it's always an honest overflow from their hearts. If I'm giving props to Jesus inside of me, then I should just say it out loud instead of using filler words that we all tend to use when talking.

But I don't want Jesus to become a filler word either, it must be genuine, from a gladdened soul. I can't treat Him as though He is inside of me but not around me, cause that would be just an imaginary friend. And we don't want to tell people about an imaginary friend that we have. Nor do I think they would have any interest in listening about someone that we ourselves have come up with on our own. Or worse, someone we are doubting exists right now, that we are still convincing ourselves.

My prayer is thus; that I do not lose sight that the invisible is not the imaginary, that it is alright to talk about the invisible, and that the name above all names, Jesus, is not some pop culture catch phrase.

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