Saturday, November 24, 2007

the Loved amongst the Religious

Short and sweet, but here is a thought that has come to mind as I continue on through new Life.

There is always talk about the religious of the religious, the saints if you will. These are the exemplary of the bunch of us sinners, supposedly models of Christ likeness demonstrated at the highest level we sinners can achieve. Perhaps more humbly, those of us who just fell in love better than others.

There is also talk of those of us who are the religious of the religious in another sense, the legalistic approach. Those of us sinners who have truly despised sin so much that they take extra lengths of measure to separate themselves from sin while in the world (as if God had not distanced them far enough from sin when they excepted the blood of Christ).

In both cases it is a matter of the true pew fillers over those who are simply warming the bench. The religious of the religious. Both have their immediate and visible impact on the church as they are the active or busy bees humming around all over the place, moving around to show that they in fact are doing something for the Lord.

But the thought came over me as God impacted me more yesterday with another challenging day here on earth:

Why not instead act like the Loved amongst the religious? Not to act like the religious of the religious, to do things because others are not doing them. But to do 'things' because I truly feel Loved by Christ, motivated by this Love that is supposed to be used and not suppressed, that I seem like a love drunk teen committed, seemingly delusional to the rest of us, to his love of his life.

Yes, to emerge from the pew as the Loved amongst the religious, crazy and madly in love.

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