Saturday, March 18, 2006

a chance to be pulled Out

To go with the flow is ever so easy
and to stay in the current is but no hard task,
once caught, you try hard to jump out,
only after your eyes have opened at last

But for many the choice is not made,
carelessly accepting where the current goes,
for the current is so strong, it can't be wrong,
at least this is what was thought to be so

No attempt is made to understand,
only excepting what they feed you through their hands,
what if there were another?
this hand outstretched with all the power from a Father

Many have gone by Him down the river,
many have simply gone under and drowned,
their expressions of pleasure for the moment
have failed to notice Him standing on the side, crowned

What if the Truth was held out to help you,
would you allow Him to have a chance?
do all the questions seem so overwhelming,
as if they were there to counter act this Son of Man?

Since they are, you might as well forget them,
for they have no purpose in His kingdom,
because no matter how fast that current is flowing,
He will pull you out, simply for knowing...


1 comment:

joshua said...

this is sweet. did you make this up?