Friday, January 20, 2006

change with no Fear

A small larva that crawls along the dirty ground, going from plant to plant living its mundane life is a very unassuming creature. It's business does not seem all that exciting, if even known or appreciated. A lot of them are more than likely eaten by other creatures, stopped before they can even imagine of what is to come in their lives, if they can imagine. But what do they think about when they spin a cocoon and emerge a new creature. Newly clothed, but still the same larva, do they flip out? I know that I would, but then again that is because I have an advanced way of thinking about things, being human and all.

The point I'm getting at is that it should be scary. To us as man, it would be an event that once we emerged out of the cocoon, we would fly around screaming at the top of our lungs. What do we do now, how do we go about crawling on the dirt again, how can we be unnoticed like we were before? Now we are beautiful butterflies that attract attention automatically now. This has to be a confusing process.

And that is how coming back to God seems to me. It is quite frightening. I had a previous life that involved crawling on the ground, eating the crumbs of whatever I could feast off of, not being able to get the full attention of what I felt I was not receiving. And then all of a sudden I'm being lavished with the warmth from God that fills me up so much that I do not know what it was like before. But then life kicks in again and that is when the panic starts. There is a lot that I have to accomplish, a lot that I have to change and I do not know where to begin. I know that God has high expectations for me now, and I wonder where to start. The frightening part of it all is that the world still exists; that out there is where I still have to live.

I have the same old friends, which the Word tells me to not yoke with. I have the same old habits, that the Word tells me to kick. This is the scary part. I know that I have to sit at tables with tax collectors, but not to yoke with them. I know that the world and flesh exists despite the Kingdom that I have joined. As a new creation, this freaks me out.

Yet this is what Jesus stood up for and directed. He wants us to look at the world with a new world view. He wants us to think and act like citizens of the Kingdom. He wants us to not worry about the change we have made; he wants us to fly like butterflies in the same world we lived in as larva.

Not to crawl on the dirt anymore.

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