Thursday, December 22, 2005

war on christmas, that already happened in the 1600's!

Disclaimer: I apologize for this out of character posting, simply because I rant a little more than usual and present a tone of bitterness and sarcasm. It is the side of me that is a history major that has to bring this forward, to at least make sense of the blinders that some people put on everyday.

For every evangelical that is pushing for the defense of Christmas, all I personally recommend for you to do is try and catch the history channels show on the historicity of Christmas overall.

I would also suggest that somehow you obtain footage of the ESPN Sportcenter's story about Reggie White's passing away, which first aired almost a year ago today. The connection is quite simple, that is by learning what December 25th of the Judeo-Christian calendar truly involves, you might want to consider taking the stance that Reggie took for the few remaining years of his life here on earth.

He stopped celebrating Christmas, and for good reason. He never, ever stopped being a believer in the power of the Christ Child, or more importantly the risen Saviour, but instead focused more on the root of Christianity by tracing its Hebrew origins and coming up with different stances than what his fellow pastors, as well as brothers and sisters in Christ take.

I'm not saying to go and learn how to speak Hebrew, but I am saying that if you to did just a little bit of digging around about the topic of Christmas, you would find that there is a strong secular connection with it, even pagan. Nothing that I would enjoy being apart of, and neither did those good 'ole Puritans of the 17th century as well. But that is all in the history channel show.

If you do not get around to seeing it, I'll at least leave you with this little tidbit that a commentator on the show said. He said it is quite fitting that the patron saint of America, Saint Nicholas, would be propped up side by side with the backbone of America, commercialism. His comment was directed towards the placement of a real life Santa Clause in department stores, a decision made in the mid 19th century. Funny how this icon would be placed side by side with commercialism, and then defended 150 years later by a people that support a party centered around big business (i.e. the Republican party, in case you did not know). History has a strange way of supporting itself through the years without even trying real hard at it.

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joshua said...

i like this post. challenge the present by studying the past. sounds good.
but remember i am getting post-modern so i don't even know is Christmas exists.