Sunday, October 30, 2005

off guard Expectaion

The weather has such a grasp on our emotions. On this day in particular in the year, the Sunday after the falling back of an hour, your emotions are doubly toyed with. Today it was 60 degrees which most certainly does not depict a normal October 30th in the state of Michigan. And I would have to assume that they planned to do this time switch on a Saturday so that your first time to adjust with this shift to a quickened darkness would be on a Sunday night. And Sundays most assuredly have a different feel to them anyway, if you are a Church goer. SO all this equaled to a spurt of emotions that I could only recall as the dawn of Halloween.

Its effect actually triggered memories from my RAM (random access memory). I could recall, after filling up my tank of gas from the same neighborhood station at the same pump, unique memories as I drove through the neighborhood. They were very comforting as they are memories that remind me of who I am and what I have done in my life. But these are the little moments of walks down streets after school or visits to houses that I have been in only once. Their effect nonetheless are big. And the weather seemed to accompany them at the same time.

I feel then at the same time that this is how God is. That here I am running through life, but when that sweeping feeling comes over me reminding me who I am it is God. He does this because He wants me to be confident. School seems to be going fine and my Spiritual life keeps progressing, but the future scares me. But God's warmth comes over me when I get to that stage and all is well again. That is who I am. That is what I'm doing all of this for. For Him.

The thing is is that when day light savings time hits, that is truly a once a year experience. Even the odd temperatured day, like the one that occurred today (but in Michigan that day is almost all the time). Still, God is there all the time providing warmth unexpectedly. We can chart and prepare for the hour gained, but when it gets dark at 6 o'clock we are still amazed. No matter how many times I wake up knowing that God will be walking with me today, it still is very surprising when he supplies that reassurance. That feeling that sweeps over me and reminds me that He is near. God has such a grasp on our emotions.

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