Thursday, August 04, 2005

opportunity is all Around

We all want to sit around the den, smoking our pipes while reading an exhilarating study on southeastern Christian movements of the U.S. We all want to find that comfort zone that also intertwines our intellectual abilities, enabling us to stimulate our minds during recreation. Don't we all? Well I guess this is what I want to do, and furthermore this is what I would like to do once I'm retired. Until then I am going to pursue the academic study of history. But why can't I study and read what I want to. I mean that is the goal, the purpose of going to college, to be able to do something that you at the very least will enjoy.

If I get a job writing for a history magazine, or a magazine that I'll be writing the history article, I would simply enjoy this. I would be able to research and figure out interesting stories to tell the populous, to bring forth a topic that I would deem important to know. Perhaps I'll be working for a company writing their history as it passes by. This does not sound like the joy I'm looking for in my future career, so I'll do my best at staying away from that route. But if I must I will take that sort of a job.

ultimately I want to be an expert of Christianity's history. What can I do with this sort of experience and knowledge you ask? I don't' know. Maybe I could get into teaching at a Christian college or high school (a bonus because they are private, so that means more pay!) Maybe I simply work for a ministry, writing for them and teaching, or something. I have this big idea of going out unto all the world, and you know, spread the Word. The experience would be amazing, traveling all about and such, and the purpose is of the highest nobility. I'm very young still, but I know that at the end of the day God will take care of me and will direct me.

simply put, kicking back and reading around the fire of my den might or might not happen, but I better keep on reading and learning so as to allow God the opportunity to work with a well studied mind, one that He can put to use no matter what route He so chooses to send this mind down. If I'm writing company history reports, I better do it as though I'm doing it for the Lord, and I better spread the Word to every fellow employee I'm with. I better reflect Christ in my actions so that even though I might not be traveling the world in search of Christian history, I can at least do what He expects of me. My big goals and American Dreams can go on the back burner, humility should keep my journey in life in harmony with the right perspective.

I might not be a PHD guy down the road, but I better serve God no matter what I do.

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