Thursday, August 18, 2005

is anyone out There?

When one goes to the beach, they are looking for a way to get out and relax. That's where I went to the other day, about a 5 mile journey on my bike. Unless I move to some other body of water later in life, I better not take this for granted. The beauty of the beach stretches not only the length of it, but also how deep the lake seems to go on forever. Just staring out there can mesmerize anyone, anyone who wants to look out and find beauty. It is pretty amazing that we look out and admire something that we are not even designed to enter, I mean with the h2o thing and all that we can't breath in. We admire it because it is somewhere that we can go, but not often. We can go in the water, but not for long. It is something that is hard to adapt to, but the sea is something that we are drawn to almost instinctively.

But we aren't drawn to people who talk to themselves. Out loud. In public. A bum is one thing, he might grumble a couple of times, might even try to ask you for something, but for the most part I have not seen many bums who talk to themselves. While at the beach sitting out on the point reading some scripture a man ridding his bike rode by, as many were, but he was having a conversation out loud. I looked up from some spot in 1 Corinthians and found out to my surprise that he was talking to himself. With scripture in front of you witnessing a moment like that, one can't help but feel a bit guilty. First though, a simple question filled my mind "does this man have anyone to talk to; does he know anyone who will listen?" A follow up idea was that the worlds population has never been higher than it is today, and yet he most likely can not find someone who will listen to him. I can't imagine why someone would begin talking to themselves other for that reason.

Well, since I did not stop him to talk to him, or at least say hello, I have no idea. It seems though that these people who begin talking out loud to themselves, in public, do so for many reasons. Perhaps he always had a tough time just talking to people, having a kind of apprehension. Maybe he had people to talk to but they just didn't care. This then leads someone to go ahead and, well, talk out loud. Really we have to look at it as just saying your thoughts out loud, which we all have long thoughts, conversations if you will, in our minds. Since the norm is not to say your thoughts out loud (which would mean this world would be a lot louder) then this guy becomes an oddity.

What if someone talked back to him? What if someone one day ends his miserable self conversations and offers feed back after listening compassionately, not just nodding their head in agreement? I saw that as so depressing, because that is what we all are calling out for, is attention. And not with our selves or a pet rock, but with other human beings, other beings who were created in the image of God. In fact, I bet you that there are droves of people out there who don't even talk out loud in public and yet are yearning for someone, for a relationship of some sort that is more meaning full than the ones they either currently have, or ones they don't have at all.

Their is a relationship, a yearning that feeds all of our needs. That relationship is the one we have when we re-connect with God. God fills that void when we decide to except Him, and then we are filled with a joy from a relationship we never thought could even be possible. Sure you wont be able to hold hands and kiss or what not, but you wont need those kinds of little bits of affection that we need with each other as indicators of another's love. No, all we need from God is His open arms that are willing to take us back after the Fall of Man. He will listen to us, He will direct us how to live the life He wants us to. It is all in His book, the bible which he enlightened and revealed His ways to us through chipmunks. Wait, not chipmunks, not trees, no not even whales. He spoke His ways to those who needed help, those who needed to know how to re-connect to Him. He spoke to us because he cares about us that much. He talked to prophets like Moses and Samuel so that they could tell us what God expects from us if we want to be back in our relationship that we had, but that we messed up. He even came down onto earth and spoke face to face, walked hand in hand, and yes, kissed people on the cheek.

God speaks to us even after we ruined what he created, and your tellin' me that we can't even talk to a fellow human being who needs someone to answer him when he is talking out loud?

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