Monday, August 29, 2005

break up, but love them more than Yourself!

I'll tell you what, postmodern can go find a better way of going about things. Since I have been introduced to this open minded type of a Christian, I realized something right from the start. These people are just a 'type' of person who has always existed, it is just that they never knew fully how to get some organization together and 'break away.' I know these are some over generalized statements and what not, but I know for sure that it is more so personality traits that we are dealing with. But I came across a blog the other day that I did not like. I mean, I liked what the purpose of it was, but not how it went about describing it. Actually when it ended there was no resolve to it. It was bringing up problems with the evangelical church.

This blog brought up the dis-connection the author felt between the evangelical Church and them. That is great and all, and I most likely would have hoot and hollered about what was said at least a month ago, but I have changed. I know that I have been drawn even closer to God this summer, basically by reading His Word with much greater intensity. I understand His ways more clearer. With that said, I am still a long ways off to understand Him. In fact I'm going to have to get rid of this flesh first in order to know Him completely but I don't plan on killing myself (perhaps though I could be struck down before I finish this sentence by Him.) But since I'm still here, let me get to my point: I like the emerging Church, I like what it is all about, I enjoy the fact that I wont feel guilty walking into the voting booth and voting blue instead of red. But I must understand that I have to be careful, in fact any emergent mind has to be careful how we go about dealing with the unofficial counterpart of the emerging Church: Evangelicalism.

Short and sweet, the Protestants broke off from the Catholics, the Puritans were crazy fundalmentalists and so Roger Williams was kicked out by them (the father of separation of Church and State) and the emerging mindset is in danger of kicking up dirt into the evangelical face. Is a wake up call needed, yes, in terms of the evangelical, but from now on with the mindset of Jesus, emerging people should be more effective with actions. Words are great, and after I'm done writing this, more than likely I'm gonna become a coward and quiver in a corner the next time I walk into my Baptist Church because I know I have a lot to say, but when zero hour comes I realize I just might be to harsh and stubborn with my explanation with what I feel is wrong. It is that mentality that needs to be shed, and not to look out to change the evangelical mind, that would be like changing the Catholic mind. I truly believe we are talking about personality differences here.

Parable time. Cut off your right arm if it causes you to sin. If it does not than I don't need to cut it off. It is possible for me to sit down and watch an episode of Family Guy and not be influenced by it. Some people are, but I watch it because I'm amused part of the time, and other times curious as to realize just how sinful man really is. You know your 'enemy' a whole lot better then (1 Corinthians 9:19-23). Paul also talks about weak and strong Christians, and the strong have to sacrifice sometimes for the weak. If Joe evangelical does not watch bad movies, then I should not talk about the R movie I just watched to Joe.

So, let us not be harsh to them, let us control the fact that we have different generalized personality traits that enable us to see the Truth from a different angel. Protestants realize by now that not all Catholics are wrong, so before emergent snow balls into main stream culture, we must be careful now so as to not damage our link with brothers and sisters in Christ who see life differently yet strive to abide in the never changing moral Truth, Jesus. We might be different, but the Way is the same way it has always been.

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Wow.. I like what you have to say.