Sunday, July 24, 2005

i get no Respect!

How do you respect someone who is not you? O.K., how about someone who is not in your family? What about a step further, someone not in your 'group?' How about even to stretch it as far as your enemy? How do you respect them? This word is so big, respect, because it can truly effect a persons ability to function in life. If one is not receiving enough of it than they begin to question things. They begin to think, "is God the only one who respects me?"

This is a rant and rage more than a blog. This is emotion.

I simply can not accept that cliques form within the church . I'm not saying just little groups of friends. I mean high school childish cliques. This is something that has to stop. Please stop it. Unite. Don't start singling out people because they are not like you; they don't vote your party, they, oh my goodness, had a divorce! Please stop this. Jesus is all about uniting followers, not casting stones at each other, even if some mess up more than others. James spoke of encouraging the brother or sister struggling with sin, as well as John. We aren't perfect, not even the best of us. Let's start respecting everyone, those who do not walk in through the doors of the church, as well as those who do. There is a step in life that people seem to over look, which is after becoming a believer. Your still in the flesh, so please excuse the person who messes up because this step is now to change. This takes a life time. As long as they are not trying to justify what they are doing and claiming that what they are doing is fine with God, than give them a break and help them.

They feel a billion times worse than you could imagine.

You still sin of course, don't you? Don't you know what it feels like to mess up on God's terms, knowing that you did? Good, than, that is how they feel. Now help them and end all cliques. Keep your best friends, but care about others in the church, try to respect them more. This just should not happen in the church. This should not happen with Christ followers.

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