Monday, June 13, 2005

vile Language...

...That's what spews from my friends mouths. I have always known, as Paul goes into great detail in Romans 7, how the law declares what is good, and what isn't. Thusly the law makes things that are evil plainly evil, and noticeable. I have always been raised in the church, so I have had an understanding of black and white, right and wrong. So it has never been a shock to me that what I here coming from other's mouths can be down right brutal. I mean, all those four letter words come out as if they were throw up from a dog.

But wait, there's more! More what you ask? Well, I have an interesting take on four letter words. They are completely relative. If I tell you that you are awesome, then you would appreciate that. But say I told you that you were f-ing awesome, than that means you're that more awesome! Of course, there is a wrong usage of the word, which is used in context of anger and its actual definition (although I don't see why a married couple, Christian or not, would not use this word in passion, because they are married you know, and that's what they do, f*$#!).

And that is what I say to set up this: anger. Bad language should be referred to as angerment and talking bad about someone. If I call you a stupid head, that is just as bad, let me say that again, JUST AS BAD as calling them a dumb f#$@. I'm degrading that person in both phrases, and we are told to love one another. It is the angerment that comes from the person, the tone of what they say, the context they are using that spews vile toward another. That's the s%$! That is f#$&ed up!

But enough with the funny signs to cover up and censor swear words (or curse words, as South Park brought up, they are cursed!). Filthy language becomes more rampant as you become closer to God. That is not a mis-quote. What I mean is that the more you come to understand God, the more the Spirit fills you up, the more filth you here around you. Normal everyday conversations involved with other people are filled with stuff like, "that trick can shut up," "I hate...(add noun here)" or "that is so gay." This talk can be found from elementary school, all the way to your death bed.

After reading Don Miller's chapter about the lifeboat theory in his book "Searching for God Knows What," I found myself hanging out with my secular friends, listening to all the hate. And do you know what, I got caught up in it. I said something about someone (who mind you was not there) and then someone else adds to that, and it keeps on going. It is simply amazing, that as soon as that spark ignites, people cant stop talking about the subject of breaking someone apart. It seems to be the thing that everyone knows something about, and is on the tip of everyone's tongue. And all I could do after a while is stop and sit back, digest what I had said and what everyone else keeps saying, and thinking to myself "everyone who is on this lifeboat of life would throw who we are talking about overboard, right away, no questions asked. The problem is they would right now, but when it would come down to it there would be a lot of hesitation. But eventually someone would throw him over, just because he didn't conform to what 'they' declare as acceptance."

Well, darn it, acceptance should be humanity. Hate talk is the easiest thing to get caught up in, most likely the easiest sin to commit. Only the Garden of Eden and Heaven know what a place without hate talk is like.

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