Friday, June 03, 2005

cuttin' Grass: the day After

As quoted by none other than the famous Elwood Blues, "the Lord works in mysterious ways." That whole scene of me on a rider watching parish guy read and soak up info on God, well that turned around. As my Monday classes were rescheduled for Friday because of Memorial Day, my Communications 1010 teacher thought "what the hell, lets have class outside." While we were sitting on the comfortable rock benches that Wayne State University provides us with, Wayne's finest grass cutters were on the move. In fact they were close enough to drown out the professor time to time. This all unfolded just a day after I was in the lawn cutters role.

The message is so clear now from above that it might as well just slap me in the face. We all have to take our turns on the mower. If life was all about sitting down and learning, than we would already have terraformed Mars by now. But there are plenty of other things God has placed us with to do on this world so as to keep it up. Now of course we also do a great job at destroying it as well, but the main point here is that God puts us into the position of mundane servant at times, and at other times he gives us the opportunity to learn about Him, or other knowledgeable things such as how to organize a speech in order to effectively make your thesis be known (I hate public speaking by the way). He will fairly give us the opportunity to accomplish what we really want top accomplish, just as long as we actually use the time he does give us to do so (and not stare off into space while the professor is speaking, of course it does not help that the sound of a lawn mower is in the background).

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