Wednesday, May 25, 2005

the WAY

First, Jesus says he is the way. This means that in response to Thomas's question, which in turn was about Jesus's statement, Jesus says that to get to where he is going he is the way. Under normal circumstances, this place would be somewhere on Earth and would have directions to get there that are left, right, north, south. But Jesus says that instead of taking a right on I-94, you go down the path Jesus goes. Where is this path? What is the destination? Where am I going?

This path leads to the place of the Father (God, in case you have not read my first blog). God is somewhere, this is one of the meanings of this verse. To come to the Father means to go where he is, which means he is somewhere. The thing is he is all around, he is the breath you take, he is the door you walk through going into the bar. Unfortunately many do not know the way to him, so when they enter the bar they don't realize God is there. God is in the person who drinks but does not get drunk, so as to be under control of his actions. God is in the person who walks into the bar just to meet with, talk with, and listen to people, not the one who is meeting and talking to people for all the wrong reasons. The way to the path is all around us, its just covered up and hard to find for many.

The destination is to glory. Its to a place where there is no temptation, just pleasure with God. This destination is made possible by Jesus, who clears us from sin. Of course only if we believe in him, that is to say accept him as the truth, that is to say to obey what he says, we will be able to find the way to our destination. The exciting part about it is from that moment you believe and attempt to go the way Jesus went, we can experience this place here in life on earth. Sure temptation is still all around, but you now know right from wrong, you now know love from hate, you now know life from death. Biblically we speak of heaven as our destination, but when someone asks where is this, we point to the sky. How do we know what physical direction it is in; all we know is the spiritual direction, which is Jesus, because he is the way.

To answer which way is it to heaven, simply put it is the way Jesus went, the direction to love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and self-control.

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