Wednesday, May 25, 2005

the LIFE

............the life. After explaining that Jesus is the way and the truth, now it all comes together. If a person is fully going the way, all along accepting Jesus as the truth, then they are finally living the life that is pleasing to God. The outcome of the first two is life, because without them there is death. Life is when we are physically alive (although this has just become debatable in recent history as in abortion and Terri Shiavo). To read and understand the Bible, one must know the language though that it is using. This life Jesus speaks of is not physical life, but spiritual. At the same time though it will effect our present physical life, and others that are around us.

Jimmy Carter heard someone say this, and it really stuck with him. This is the saying that if he were charged for being a Christian, would their be enough evidence to convict him? The evidence that will be used against him, and me and you, will be our lives. If we are not living the life that God wants us to live, then we walk away from the trial free to do what we want. This is because living for God is compared to being a servant. Even to go as far as saying a slave. But this is not bad because he will provide for us all that we need, some will even get more than they need like the rich or the talented. He is not giving these advantages out without discretion; he wants us to use it wisely.

We can use our riches to help those who are of need. It is not to say don't be rich anymore and don't make the amount of money you are making, but it is saying to not cherish it more than God or not to take advantage of those who have less. The talented help by curing a disease, or hitting a home run for little Johnny. What we do with our lives is dependent upon whether or not we are living the LIFE. If we are living the life of Jesus, rich or poor, gifted or not, we are truly living, for we will conquer death just as Jesus has.

So the decision is there, does John 14:6 really say what it says? And if so, then what am I doing about it? This is what I ask, what every believe should ask. Is my life a reflection of Christ's, or just a reflection of selfishness. Day by day I see a news headline that shakes my head, or hear a conversation with my friends that turns my stomach into knots. This is because many are going down the broad way, they aren't even trying to go through the narrow gate. I want to be able to serve God, and part of this is to tell about him. But in a culturally defined world, even nation, it is hard to penetrate without knowing where the other person is coming from. That is why I'll be writing about anything and everything here, hopefully to inform at least one other person who might come across my blog.

Jesus is the way, is the truth and is the life and no one will come before the Father but through him. I hope to wipe off all the deception that the otherside covers things up with, and to enlighten not only myself but others about God.

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