Monday, May 23, 2005

John 14:6

John 14:6 sure says a lot. So much, that I decided it would be a fitting title to a blog site. Just in case there is no bible handy for you to pick up, it goes something like this: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." This is Jesus, and he's answering a question from one of the twelve (like he does so often). Just before this he is saying that there are many rooms prepared by him for whoever goes to where this is. In good 'ole Jesus style, at the end of verse four he says "You know the way to the place I am going." I say this as typical Jesus style, as how he would teach things, almost with a John Wayne attitude about it. "You know." But Thomas didn't know, because he asked how do they find the way. And again, in typical Jesus style, he comes back with more information then is necessary, because he just wanted to set them up to ask that question.

So he answers with a lot of info. In fact so much info that I find this verse to be the verse that one should ask themselves about Jesus: Is what he said right here true or not. The implications are eternal, either he is a mad man for saying this, or he is the Son of God. There is no in between with this verse. Its not one of those verses, like do not judge verses, or love one another verses. Those are essential to his teachings, but nonetheless they are just teachings. New Agers and what not use these verses all the time. They don't believe in the Son of God mumbo jumbo, but they recognize him as one of if not the greatest human rights activist ever. But right here he starts to jump off the deep end in the eyes of these people, and the mad man comparison starts to kick in. There are yet even some who think that the spirituality part of all this was just added as the years went by.

Here it is though, and all are left to make a decision. He says he is the way, he says he is the truth and he says he is the life. And for any of you out there that believe in the Father, or the God, Jesus is the way to him. How profound. You want to talk about evangelising, this is it. This is the verse that someone says either I accept that as the truth, or I don't. (Or I just waver and not really care much about it at all, I just cant take religion of any kind seriously.) Well, since we all want to find the way to go in life, whatever that is or where we want to go, we also debate about what is the truth, since there is so much deception. Jesus's statement here has huge ramifications, because he says he is all of that.

I have chosen to go that way, to live that life, and, as any
philosopher would gasp at, to accept Him as the truth. Now I
want to write all about it, to express it, and most importantly, to
live it. I want to show how much the Word of God applies to
current day America, how culture interacts, and how I am still
a resident of this sinful world, and I cant be a hermit, I cant
seclude myself in a Christian community either, because the sick
need healing, not the righteous.

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