Thursday, July 28, 2005

stay married and don't Cheat!

C.S. Lewis in a letter to a friend: "Christ promises forgiveness of sins: But what is that to those who, since they do not know the law of nature, do not know that they have sinned? Who will take medicine unless he knows he is in the grip of disease? Moral relativity is the enemy we have to overcome before we tackle Atheism." (p.73 of "The Question of God" by Dr. Armand M. Nicholi, Jr.)

Now what do we do about that statement? By the way, it is not just a statement, but it is a truth that is hard to deal with, and keeps getting more difficult as each day passes by. Moral relativism is so much more deadlier than atheism because there are countless masses who believe, and yet are living the life they want to live. This has been brought up to me recently by my philosophizing uncle. He is a guy who not only knows at least something about everything, but also has a strong opinion, a deadly combination. Trying to combat him in a conversation of worldviews is a strenuous competition.

What he makes clear is that there is a God, and that Jesus was the Son of God. But I get a hint of Eastern philosophy in him every now and then. The deadliest part of it is the notion that as long as one is right with God and is happy, than everything is alright. Everything being that as long as you aren't going around killing people and speaking hate and such, then everything else is permissible. He speaks of balance a lot, because realistically nobody can go cold turkey on something because they are just going to pick up some other habit to counter it. Balance however allows one to get that immediate satisfaction, as long as they don't go off the deep end with it.

1)Have a beer, just don't get drunk (OK, I can live with that, Paul even brings that up in 1 Timothy 5:23, just keep in mind though the parable of cutting off ones hand if it causes you to sin, hence you should cut out drinking entirely if you always end up getting drunk).

2)How about, if I'm gay, than as long as I walk with God and I am accountable for what I do and devote endless hours to Church ministry, then I'm fine (OK, now we are going off the deep end).

3)Get angry at objects that are not people and cuss them out whenever you feel pent up anger and frustration (but this can lead to flying off the handle someday at someone because of how frequent one allows themselves to get completely enraged).

The list goes on and on. What exactly is God than if there is no moral law? What is that you are changing that is not right with God? Do you even think that you sin? Or is it a pick and choose type of thing, "well I'm greedy, and that is the way I've always been, and it pleases me when I get what I want, so let me just skim that over in the Word of God from now on and I'll just focus on something easier that I can change, like slander." This does not work. God's Word is God's Word and the moment relativism enters it, whole passages are stripped away. They simply are not needed. This is exactly what needs to be fought instead of Atheism, especially since recent Gallup poles say that 80% of America believes in a personal God.

Digest that for a minute. 80% of America believes in a personal God. 96% believe in a God. With that information alone we can tell already that 16% of those who believe there is a God will be knocking on the door for the Master to open, but he will adamantly proclaim that he never knew them. How sad. Then, let us not judge salvation or anything, but 80%? O.k. Let me be blunt. Hell no! How is that even possible!?

I say all this because of a news report me and my uncle saw yesterday on CNN. Two different people were interviewed about their current situations as Christian believers. Both being gay, but one trying to change. The one attempting to change (which I cant stress enough, is one of the central messages of Christ when He was hear on earth) basically said that if he has to be celibate, that he will, but he thinks he can like girls enough to give that route a try. The other person is openly gay, but he profess Jesus as his saviour and devotes much of his time for the ministry of Christ. This just makes a mockery out of God, religion, and anything else in between.

There is something called the Fear of God that many don't understand. I walk with joy every day now that I understand Him more and more. But the Fear of God grabs hold of me and sets me straight. I have to admit, it is a tremendously scary fear, because I realize that I could be or just did sin against God. I'm in a heightened state of awareness all the time now, not panicking and hiding under a rock from God's rath or anything of that nature. Instead I am more happy than I have ever been because I have re-connected with God, the Fall of man separated us, but now we are back together.

Why, and I borrow this from Don Miller, would a bride walk down the isle and look into the crowd, asking herself why not to go ahead and have sex with all the cute friends her Bridegroom that she hasn't yet.

Becoming married to her Bridegroom should not prevent her from fulfilling her pleasures, doing what it will take to make her happy in life.

There is no freakin' coincidence that Jesus uses the analogy of the bride and the Bridegroom for the relationship us and God must have, we the bride and Him the Bridegroom. No freakin' coincidence. Unless of course there is nothing wrong with getting divorced in your eyes, and thusly completing a Cartesian circle!

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